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Five Characteristics of a Modern CCTV System

The quality of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems has substantially improved in recent years because of technological advancements. High-end security systems are now readily available and reasonably priced for use by businesses and even homes. Here are five characteristics of CCTV systems you might not be familiar with:

Night Vision

A once-common function of expensive cameras, albeit even then, the quality was dubious. Modern professional CCTV systems, which are installed in homes, can now recognise persons within 20 metres and have a view range of up to 50 metres. For the majority of applications, these systems—which typically employ infrared night vision technology—are more than adequate. The use of thermal imaging is more suited if more sophisticated night vision is needed.

Thermal radiation is produced by all things with a temperature greater than absolute zero, even at very low doses. Thermal imaging sensors can pick up this type of radiation, which is invisible to the human eye. By detecting temperature changes between an object and its surroundings, thermal cameras may create visual images. The greater the disparity, the greater the contrast variation, which enhances the visibility of details. Thermal cameras have greater application potential than visible light cameras in more difficult conditions.


Motion Sensing


Motion detection technology is no longer only used in movies like James Bond or Mission: 

Impossible. Nowadays, almost all IP-based basic CCTV systems have some sort of motion detection. By only keeping recordings when movement has been detected within the frame, current systems use motion detection to extend the amount of time that can be stored on the recorder. Even more impressive is how simple it is to set the system up to disregard specific elements of the frame, like trees or flags, so the wind won’t compromise your security. To spot potentially unsafe activity or occasions where people are in places that should be off-limits, motion detection can also be employed in commercial and warehouse applications. This technology is frequently used by 360 Secure to provide a higher level of occupational health and safety monitoring for clients in the manufacturing or warehousing sectors. One of the few CCTV providers in Brisbane that works closely with clients to implement these kinds of benefits for their businesses is 360 Secure.


IP (Internet Protocol)


Two distinct camera technologies, IP and HD-TVI, are likely to be present when choosing a new CCTV system. Although some vendors may promote HD-TVI cameras because they may be marginally less expensive, IP is by far the superior technology in terms of picture quality and adaptability. Installing IP cameras significantly improves video quality and increases the capacity of video compression, allowing for the storage of higher-quality video for longer.  You can connect IP cameras directly to the internet for secure remote access rather than having to connect to an NVR first, which can provide an additional level of flexibility for large-scale installations. IP also offers some flexibility when it comes to using camera locations for other aspects of a “Smart Home.” Distance Accessibility

When do you want to make sure your home is secure by checking your security cameras? – Naturally, when you’re away from home. Any modern security camera installation comes included with the ability to access the system remotely. Many home systems with 4 or 8 cameras include an NVR (Network Video Recorder) that the vendor will bundle with a phone app for the owner’s convenience and use. This gives complete mobile phone access to all cameras in a secure manner to ensure you’re the only one watching your property. NVRs or independent software that is installed on a server can be used in larger commercial installations to give more complex functionality, such raising alarms or opening doors.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

A PTZ camera is a camera with remote directing and zooming capabilities. This capability typically comes with slightly more expensive cameras, but they are still within reach for the majority of residential installations. The advantages of having this capability are clear because the owner can zoom in on activities without having to manually adjust the camera angle. PTZ can also be utilised with cameras that are mounted at a height to offer the best visibility while wide-angle but also having the ability to zoom in for close examination.

All of these functions have recently been combined in the majority of regular CCTV packages. Make sure you’ve thought through the necessity for the aforementioned features before choosing a camera package and the firm to install it. Then, ask the installer how they may be used in your house or place of business the most efficiently.


A security installer in South East Queensland, 360 Secure primarily serves Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich. In addition to relatively affordable basic home installations, our capabilities have grown over the past few years to cover big residential developments and customised industrial installations. To discuss how we might be able to help you protect what matters most to you, get in touch with us right away.


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