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Local Moving Company in Palo Alto, CA| Brother Movers

Moving is understood to be very stressful by all of us. When you move from one house to another or from one office to another, you move your family or work to a new place. You worry that you didn’t break anything and you won’t finish on time. Even if your family helps, the activity can be a lot of work if you don’t have the right tools. Is it better to hire a Local Moving Company in Palo Alto, CA to help you move? YES!

Putting your trust in the right moving company will not only save you weeks of stress, but it will also make the whole process go smoothly and be something you will remember. If you hire us to help you move, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your things.

Local Moving Company in Palo Alto, CA save you time

Time is always an issue when moving, and if you work full-time or have a family to take care of, you may not have much of it. Our Professional Movers in Palo Alto, CA have years of experience and will make the process quick and easy. If you want, Movers in Palo Alto, CA can even help you pack. This will save you time in the long run that you can put toward more important tasks.

It is Good Value For Money.

Even if you don’t believe it, hiring a Local moving company like Local Moving Company San Jose will save you money in the long run. If you plan to move yourself, you will need to rent a moving truck and other equipment. You will also have to spend a lot of time and risk getting hurt.

Our prices are always the same. The price includes the moving truck, a variety of specialized moving tools, and the number of San Jose Movers and Packers you need. We’re different because we don’t charge extra for things like stairs, elevators, handling and wrapping, or items that are too big or hard to move. There aren’t additional expenses or fees at all.

Local Moving Company San Jose is Superior

Professionals have been trained and know how to move things without damaging themselves or the things they are moving. If you don’t do it right, lifting heavy things can upset your back or cause other health problems.

10 Tips That Will Make stress-free Moving

1. Materials for packing

Only use strong corrugated boxes with lids. San Jose Movers and Packers can give you boxes that are made just for mattresses, clothes, and mirrors, among other things. With the extra protection of boxes from the mover, you might be able to avoid damage that comes from using low-quality packing materials. You could also collect boxes that your grocery store or liquor store throws away. Save old newspapers to use as packing material, but keep in mind that the ink could rub off and stain clothes or other things.

*WARNING: Insect eggs and bugs like roaches can move around in food boxes.
Remember this when you get boxes from grocery stores. Here is a list of things that will help you pack:

  • Labels and plastic bags make it easy to find things.
  • Foam peanuts, small pieces of Styrofoam, or “popcorn.”
  • Tissue or craft paper for jobs that need to be packed carefully.
  • Rolls of corrugated paper for dolls and other fragile things.
  • For sealing boxes, you can use gummed tape (1 1/2 to 2 inches wide) or strong twine.
    Markers and labels that show what’s inside a box.
  • Diary and ballpoint pen for the carton identification log.
  • Use either scissors or a sharp knife.

2. Tips From Movers in San Jose Use for Packing

You need to have a plan before you start packing. For instance:

One room at a time, pack. This will help you unpack when the time comes.
Start packing a few boxes a day a long time before the move.
Write the room and box number on all of the boxes. Make a carton identification log to keep track of how many boxes were packed in each room and how many boxes were packed all together. It’s a good idea to leave room in your log for a special comments section where you can write down things like the condition of the carton or where high-value goods are.

  • Tell your Movers in San Jose about any valuable items.
  • Make sure you have enough “filling” material.
  • Make sure that all of the bottoms of the boxes are secure and can hold the weight of what’s inside.
  • Masking tape is not as good as packing tape or sticky tape.
  • Put the heavier things at the bottom of the box and the lighter things on top. Try to keep the weight of each box to less than 50 pounds. This makes moving a lot easier. As a general rule, the heavier the item, the smaller the carton should be.

3. Packing Plates and Cups

Choose a medium-sized box (or one that the San Jose Movers and Packers gives you) and line the bottom with crumpled packing paper.
Place one plate in the middle of a neat stack of packing paper on a work table.
Grab the corner of a few pieces of packing paper and pull them over the plate until the plate is completely covered. Place a second plate on top and, working clockwise, grab a second corner and pull sheets over the second plate.
Put a third plate on top. Grab the last two corners and fold two sheets of each corner over the plate, one at a time.
Flip your stack of wrapped plates over on the packing paper.
Rewrap the whole bundle. Initiate by one corner of the loading paper and pull two sheets over its bundle. Cover the bundle with the next corner, then the third corner, and finally the fourth corner.
Use packing tape to seal the bundle.
Put the stack of dishes in a medium-sized box so that they stand on their edges.
Use this method for all of your saucers, bread and butter plates, and other dishes. If you have a lot of smaller dishes to pack, you might decide to stack them.

4. Packing Cups and Glasses

Before Local Moving Company in Palo Alto, CA wrap glasses and stemware, stuff them with crumpled up paper or tissue.
Depending on the size, lay the item on the corner of the packing paper and roll it one or two full times. Pull the sides of the packing paper up and over the glass or stemware, and keep rolling to the far corner. For extra safety, you can use corrugated paper rolls or cellular boxes.
Stemware and glasses should be near the top of your box. Dishes, pitchers, and other heavy things should go at the bottom of the box.

Glasses and stemware that are fragile should be set upright, not on their sides.
No matter what local moving company san Jose packing, you should put crumpled packing paper between each layer to fill in any gaps. All boxes with items that are “fragile” should be marked as such.

5. Tips For Packing Certain Things

There are too many household items to list them all. Most of them can be packed if you follow San Jose Movers and Packers tips for packing. Here are some more tips on how to pack big things. Send us a message if you want a more complete list of how to pack special items.

6. Food in Cans and Other Food that isn’t Frozen

No more than 24 to 30 cans should fit in a carton. Don’t try to move things that go bad quickly. Wrap each glass jar and food box separately and put them in small boxes.

Because frozen foods and plants are fragile and spoil quickly, Local Moving Company San Jose can’t take them if your shipment is going more than 150 miles or if it won’t be delivered within 24 hours of loading. In order to follow these rules, frozen food must be packed in a freezer that is at a normal deep-freeze temperature when it is loaded.

7. Things That can Catch Fire or Burn

Liquids that can catch fire and aerosol cans can’t be packed. If the temperature or pressure changes, they could leak or even blow up. For your own safety, Local Moving Company in Palo Alto, CA should know that if you pack these things and they hurt your shipment or someone else’s, you could be held responsible, not your local moving company.

8. Mirrors, Paintings, and Other Works of Art

Tell your Local Moving Company San Jose which paintings are very valuable and need extra care. Small mirrors, pictures, paintings, and frames should be wrapped and put on their sides in cartons. Large paintings and pictures should be put on their sides in heavy cardboard boxes. Large mirrors on the wall or on dressers will be taken down and put in special boxes by the movers in san Jose. For extra safety, put tape across the mirror in a diagonal pattern to protect it better from damage. Don’t put newspapers right next to paintings.

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9. Automobiles and Motorbikes

Cars and motorcycles that are being moved on the moving van should have almost no gas left in them. The batteries in motorcycles should be turned off. There should be enough antifreeze in your car to protect it from the harsh winter cold.

10. Grills and gas tanks for them

Wrap the grates and briquettes separately in newspapers (or put all of the briquettes in a grocery bag) and put the parts in a carton. Put paper inside the box to keep the items inside from moving with Local Moving Company in Palo Alto, CA. You can’t move propane tanks. Talk to your local gas grill dealer about the safest way to do it.

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