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5 Things That Ruin Your Roof: A Guide By Roofing Contractors Boston


The roof is one of the most important parts of any commercial building or house. It secures the interior of your house and its structure. Your roof also protects your home from the harshest weather conditions. When installed, a good quality roof improves your house’s curb appeal. When the insurance provider of the roof is confident enough, the premium goes down. That is why it is significant to keep your roof in check and maintain it regularly whenever needed. If you know little about the roof, you must understand that it is made of various components like shingles, flashlights, vents, and gutters. Any roof’s life span depends on how the owner maintains it. It usually gets neglected somehow. Therefore it is important to get the roof inspected and examined. When you do inspections regularly, helps you to identify the elements and factors that spoil your roof. If you take care of your roof, you won’t have to spend money on repair and replacement. As the roof is the highest part of the house, it is made to withstand the harshest conditions, natural disasters, and natural calamities. Being the topmost part, it is subjected to heavy weather and thunderstorms. Melos Constructions, roofing contractors in Boston, have listed five things that can ruin your roof and how you can avoid these things. Let’s get started.  

Things that ruin your roof: A Guide By Roofing Contractors Boston

  • Wind Damage

The biggest reason behind the damaged roof is wind. Strong and heavy winds are responsible for lifting and pulling away all the shingles from your roof. If the shingles blow off your roof, the underlayment of your roof gets exposed, resulting in leaks. Strong winds can also damage your chimneys and the edges of the ceiling. Granule loss and cracks can happen as a result of high winds. If that happens, insects, mosquitoes and critters can sneak into your home. It will be best to inspect the roof regularly to avoid catastrophic damage. The roofing contractors in Boston can help you save your roof. In the places where the shingles are loose and popped up, the professionals will add cement to repair the roof. You can also get wind-resistant shingles. Although they are a little more costly than ordinary shingles, they have more power. 

  • Sun Damage

As you know, the sun’s rays are ultra-violent and harsh, harming and damaging effects on roof shingles. Although the roof and its components are made in a way to withstand the most powerful of rays but with time, when the roof becomes older, the shingles get cracked, fade and deteriorate. The heavy sun rays are responsible for damaging the components of your roof. When the elements of your roof are damaged, the roof loses its integrity. If your roof is also damaged, you must contact roof repair north shore and get them to maintain your roof. 

  • Ice, Snow and Rain

The worst enemy of your roof is moisture which includes rain, ice and snow. It also includes air. When moisture can get inside your home, it can damage the whole structure of your building. It can result in rot, mould and mildew and can even be responsible for damaging the insulation in your attic. What’s worse than rain is ice that can melt, re-freeze, and create ice dams. These dams prevent the water from draining through vents and gutters, which backs up the materials of your roof. The forced leaks can result in water coming through your ceilings. If you notice a leak, you must contact roofing companies in Boston and get professionals to repair the damage done to your roof. 

  • Overgrown Trees

A tree doesn’t need to fall to damage your roof. Overhanging branches can also damage your roof. Sometimes the leaves fall on your roof and accumulate in your roof moisture so that the moulds can grow on your rooftop. It traps moisture. The tree branch can also puncture your roof’s shingles and other components. It can also create a pathway for water to flow and fall through your home structure. 

  • Moss and Lichen

The simplest and slow-growing plant, also known as lichen, can generate a crusty-looking growth on your rooftop. Most, on the other hand, are a little softer than lichen. They are also growing plants that grow where it is not even needed. If your roof also consists of mosses and lichens, it is recommended that you must hire a north shore roofing company to clean the roof and rotten wood to avoid structural damage.


If you are experiencing any of the problems given above, or if you have other roof issues, the roofing contractors in north shore, MA, are the best to help you with every issue. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions. You can also make an appointment with them online or through calls or texts. 

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