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Yoga and its importance for blogger

Why do we need yoga before blogging?

Before heading towards why do we need yoga, let’s know what is it.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is originated in ancient India, Hindu system of philosophy presume that It is a mind and body practice that gives immense relax to your mind to get the extra enthusiasm. Yoga is not only furnishing your mind, it also makes you become stronger and keep you healthy. Let’s explore how yoga helps blogger to keep his mind and body healthy.

Coming to our main topic Why do we need yoga before blogging?


We as a people are getting a lot of physical and mental disturbance every day because of the work pressure, business overload, fast forward life and so on.

We are in the digital era, as of now we have got a plenty of gadgets and software’s around us which make our work life very easy, but there is no software, medicine or a machine that exists to retain our life.

Blogger is not an artificial intelligence software or a robot to blog preloaded content, a blogger needs more peaceful mind to deliver the best content and the knowledge which they gain by their immense effort.

So, end users are the audience, if you are not delivering the right and acute content to them then there might be chances of losing your best audience!

Sit back and take time off at least 5-10 minutes before blogging every time because you will re-energize to pleasant state to explore a better blogger in you.

Also try to spend time with family, friends, listening to music and meditate along with yoga to live in present moment.

Hope this helps you to put one feet up in delivering right content to your beloved audience. Try and make out the difference.

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