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How is the dream home made and how can a luxury home be furnished ?

Lately, taking advantage of the summer season, I took a look at several Netflix series of metropolitan real estate agencies that offer extraordinary homes for sale, at the limit of all expectations. From the cover, practically. So I asked myself: what are the interior design features to look for in a luxury home? And, above all, what defines a “luxury” property?
The word “luxury”, let’s face it, is a bit overused in the world of travel and hospitality. With so much advertising and constant attempts to get your attention, it’s easy to get confused. Today a luxury home can be a multi-equipped mini-apartment in Montecarlo or a large 3-story villa overlooking the Eiffel Tower or even a residence with a spa in the Sassi of Matera.

A luxury house has the following, schematic, and equipment

an attractive design and/or historical/landscape value
advanced technological equipment (home automation, lift, cinemas, security)
high-quality materials and/or obvious finishes (marbles, woods, frames, frescoes…)
very functional spaces and accessories (walk-in closets, spas, gyms, large kitchens, wine cellars, garages)an interesting location (sea, countryside, city center, areas of high landscape level, prestigious areas)outdoor spaces and facilities (swimming pool, bbq area, home office, games room, garden…)extras, ranging from an interior design by famous architects to pieces of high craftsmanship, to works of art A 300m2 house could simply be a normal apartment. Even a studio apartment, if in a particular location, can be considered a luxury.

Of course, square meters help, but they are not the only parameter to consider (as often happens in many advertisements for rental or vacation homes).Characteristics of a luxury home One of the most important aspects of any luxury home is its overall design in terms of architecture, landscaping, interior, and furnishings. All these features combine to create an extraordinary overall atmosphere.

Furnishing a luxury home

The best luxury homes are truly a sight to behold, with a unique character that is expressed in the overall aesthetics of the property, its surroundings, and interiors.
The houses for sale in the various reality shows on Netflix are really exciting (at least for us architects). It is not certain that they have all the 7 characteristics listed above, but at least one of them must be predominant. Very often a talented architect or interior designer took care of furnishing a luxury home. They are houses that have a design behind them, often out of the standards. Yet they are often apartments in residential areas, it doesn’t mean that this type of architecture cannot become an elegant property.

So there may be some oddities

Even if a villa passes all the requirements with flying colors it can still find itself lacking in a quality location. Buyers have a variety of different requirements for the location (such as proximity to certain places, landscape preferences, etc.), but most are looking for a quiet place to stay and rest comfortably.The most popular locations are near beaches and coasts, or further inland but always with a view, on elevated mountainous areas, adjacent to tourist areas, set almost on a hill or cliff, and almost always in a nice area not too crowded. Other times they are in the center of the city, often with a full-bodied and/or panoramic exterior (terrace or garden).

Furnishing a luxury home

Certainly, the budget behind each room is of a certain level, we never talk about houses with standard furnishings or “furniture market” stuff. This characteristic unites all the properties of the genre to a certain extent. You will never see fake wood, plastic or imitation materials, or cheap chipboard (or pieces from Ikea, for example). You will also often find marble in kitchens, precious woods, parquet, or important, historic, or recycled floors.Luxury Homes use only the highest quality supplies for the interior and exterior finishes. Luxury home materials might include expensive choices like granite countertops, marble floors for the bathroom, or Venetian plaster for the walls. You will also find professional-grade kitchen appliances fit for a chef.

Style and design to furnish a luxury home

Style is not decisive, in the sense that there are luxury homes of all styles, minimal, classic, retro, vintage, gothic…Some properties are for sale already furnished, at least in the custom-made components. So it seems logical that the style must please the buyer a priori, to avoid completely changing the internal look by investing (a lot) more budget.

Managing the property

Luxury homes tend to be more well-maintained than regular homes, which means there’s the potential for lower renovation costs. On the other hand, even the most sumptuous and well-built building will fall into disrepair over time and with a certain amount of negligence. So a constant expense is expected in managing the property, especially if it has a notable exterior. If you notice, inside luxury homes, there is always a design element, a collector’s item, or a wow object. Details play a huge role, so the owner’s tastes and lifestyle are essential in defining every choice.

Property better

When the square meters are not exorbitant, it is preferable to create fewer large rooms than more skimpy rooms. Space plays a key role in defining the property. It is no coincidence that open spaces and fluid rooms (divided rooms without doors) are more frequent than too many rooms tucked into each other and New build luxury apartments London. Even the large windows are synonymous with elegance and quality. Light is essential and helps make the property better perceived.

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