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Switching To A New Platform? Consider Shopify 

Worrying about choosing the top eCommerce platform for your business? Please don’t worry; we are here to assist you. Research shows that Shopify is considered the best eCommerce platform for your business. It provides extensive features and capabilities to its users. 

Now, if you are an existing online brand and want to change your store from the current platform to Shopify, take advantage of the best Shopify migration company. Additionally, this blog will help you know the Shopify platform’s pros and cons. 

Benefits Shopify Provides To Its Users

Easy to Use Platform: 

Shopify is a good choice because it’s easy to use. Whether you’re experienced or just starting, Shopify helps you create and manage your online store without needing advanced technical skills. The interface is simple, and you can start your store quickly.

Many Design Options: 

Shopify has lots of professionally designed templates for different businesses and styles. You can pick a template that fits your brand and makes your online store look good without needing design skills.

Works on Phones: 

Many people shop on their phones, so it’s important to have a website that works well for them. Shopify makes sure your online store looks and works well on smartphones and tablets, giving your customers a smooth shopping experience.

Help Whenever You Need: 

Shopify offers customer support 24/7. If you have problems or questions about your store, their support team is there to help you, even if it’s technical.

Safe and Reliable: 

Security is important for online businesses. Shopify takes care of hosting, security, and maintenance, so your store is secure and reliable. This lets you focus on growing your business without worrying about technical problems.

Easy Payments: 

Shopify supports various payment methods, making it easy for customers to buy things. Whether it’s credit cards or digital wallets, Shopify helps with different payment options for you and your customers.

Extra Features in the App Store: 

The Shopify App Store has many apps that can add more features to your store. If you need analytics, marketing tools, or inventory management, you can find and add apps to make your store better.

Grows with Your Business: 

Shopify is good for all kinds of businesses, small or large. It can grow with your business, and you can upgrade your plan and add features easily as your business gets bigger.

Good for Search Engines: 

Being visible on search engines is important. Shopify is made with good practices for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find your products through Google and others. Thus, with your Shopify brand, you can easily boost your site ranking with b2b SEO services from MakkPress Technologies.

Recovers Lost Sales: 

Shopify helps you recover potential lost sales. It sends reminder emails to customers who added products to their cart but didn’t buy them, encouraging them to complete their orders.

Built-in Blog: 

Content marketing is important for your online presence. Shopify has a built-in blogging platform, letting you create and share content that engages your audience and boosts your store’s visibility.

Sells on Many Channels: 

Shopify lets you sell not only on your online store but also on social media and other marketplaces. This helps you reach more people and increase your sales.

Simple Inventory Management: 

Managing your inventory is easy with Shopify’s simple interface. You can track stock levels, get alerts for low inventory, and update product information easily.

Updates Automatically: 

Shopify takes care of software updates automatically. You don’t have to manually update your website to get the latest features and security. Shopify keeps your store updated with the latest version.

Community and Resources: 

Joining the Shopify community gives you access to lots of resources like forums, guides, and tutorials. Whether you need advice on marketing or help with problems, the Shopify community has information to help you succeed in e-commerce.

5 Limitations Of Using Shopify

Not much freedom to design:

If you want a super special look for your online store, Shopify might not let you make big changes. It has some themes, but going beyond that can be tricky. This could be annoying if you really want your online place to stand out.

Extra charges for different payment methods:

If you use payment options other than Shopify’s own, they will charge you more; even though Shopify has its own payment system, some businesses like using others. But doing that can cost extra money, affecting how much profit they make.

Monthly costs can pile up:

Using Shopify costs money every month. Even though they offer different plans, the monthly bills can add up. For small businesses or startups with not much money, this might be a problem. Businesses need to think carefully about how much they’re willing to spend each month.

Need extra apps for fancy features:

While Shopify has some cool features, if you want really advanced things, you might need extra apps. Relying too much on these apps can cost more money and cause issues. Plus, having too many apps might slow down your website and make things more complicated.

Not great for blogging:

Shopify is mainly for selling stuff, and although it lets you write blogs, it’s not as good as other dedicated blogging platforms. If you want to use blogs to connect with people and bring them to your store, Shopify’s blogging might not be enough. This could make it harder to reach the people you want to sell to.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of Shopify and its advantages. By building a store on Shopify, you can create a strong digital presence for your business. Also, if you want to switch to Shopify with the best Shopify migration company, take advantage of MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing and Shopify migration agency that is best in migrating stores from one platform to another and has over 10 years of experience in this store migration.  



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